18650 Battery




Brillipower 18650 Battery
If you’ve been looking for a new vape battery that’s been tested to live up to its claims, then we have what you’ve been looking for. The Brillipower 3100mah 18650 has been tested to deliver 40A pulse and 20A continuous. We’ve found that these batteries are the perfect fit for your regulated box mods and will give you a staggering amount of vape time. Specs Model – IMR18650 Nominal Capacity – (0.2CA)3100 mAh Nominal Voltage – 3.70V Charging Voltage – 4.2V Discharge Cut-off Voltage – 2.75V Max. Charge Current – 2 CA Max. Discharge Current – 40A Cell Dimension Diameter – 18±0.2 mm Height 65±0.2 mm Cell Weight – (Approx.)50g Initial internal impedance Max, at 1000Hz.)≤10 mΩ (Charged)

Warning: Rechargeable batteries can be dangerous if not treated correctly.
ALWAYS store batteries safely in an insulated case
NEVER put batteries loose in pockets or bags
DO NOT overcharge or over-discharge batteries
USE recommended chargers
DO NOT use in devices that may short circuit
REPLACE your batteries periodically
NEVER use batteries that are damaged in any way


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