Compak M




Sigelei Compak M
Sigelei’s first venture into the ultra-portable pod vape device category arrives in the streamlined and effective Compak M.

Historically, AIO devices have been targeted at beginning vapers; as their simple operation and user-friendliness is a perfect fit for folks who don’t want to take an electrical engineering course in order to quit smoking.

Sigelei has deviated from the norm by offering a device with simple, intuitive operation and extreme ease of use; with one major difference: You get options. The Compak M ships with two refillable, replaceable cartridges that provide distinctly different experiences; and it’s all about airflow. By offering 2 different airflow options, you can decide which cartridge better suits your style of vaping.

The cartridges are disposable, refillable, and pre-wicked with top quality organic cotton for excellent flavor. The Compak M is small enough to disappear in a pocket, and yet, the 650 mAh battery provides great battery life.

If you’ve been searching for a pod system that gives you options, Sigelei has answered the call. Add the Compak M to your cart today!


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